Though i hunt for a better life,
The memories of my past still haunts.
The times i ‘d blurt out and hurt you,
The nights i’d taunt you with your faults
And make you bear the brunt alone
And even pull your punch
And daunt your dauntless self.

I know i scrunched your heart
And pawned your love for my purse
I know the hell of a cunt i’ve been
When i was blunt with my taunts
And left you bruised and brutalised
I admit the hell of a brute i’ve been
When i smudged our love and smothered it.

I know i’ve been a stinker
by the way i tinker about
But think about the jaunts and the cruises
Think about the joy we shared
and find aplace in your heart to forgive me.
I don’t wanna be haunted by my past anymore
Please, come back and be my prey as i hunt
for a better life.