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I know I’ve got many rivers to cross
That’s why I built my ship so broad
Though the storm on the sea is so gross
And the shore filled with people full of fraud
I won’t stop sailing till I get to the shore
I’ve built my ship so broad to withstand any storm
But even if I fail, I’ve got a life buoy
So I won’t be scared as my buoy has no flaw
Cos often I’ve been spared in ways that fill me with awe
My eyes are set on nothing but my goal
And I won’t rest till I achieve them.


Never Give Up

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In our persistence to make a difference, we may fall into a trance, never having to take the chances we should have taken; no thanks to the prince who our persistence is worth not even half a pence to. But even the pinches in our soles won’t make us wince until we achieve our goals. We will continue charging with our lances until we get results for the chances we’ve taken.

Noble but Humble

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Blessed with the smile of an angel
Adorned with the style of a princess
Beautiful like the lily of the nile
Walks gracefully through the aisle like a bride
Yet she says I’m just a girl