Can We Ever Get Wives Like Our Mothers?



Can We Ever Get Wives Like Our Mothers? We are in the era of moral decadence and value loss. We are in the age where most things don’t matter, and people don’t care what the society thinks about them. There is so much freedom that a lot of things are going awry.

In the past, divorce was a taboo and no parent encouraged it. Many parents would even disown their daughters who tried divorce. But today, divorce has become a frequent occurrence that divorce lawyers around the world make millions facilitating divorce processes. Although most divorce we hear of in Nigeria happen in celebrity marriages, it’s no excuse for breaking marital vows; vows usually broken for stupid reasons in some cases. Whatever their reasons are, ending marriages abruptly isn’t just right.

There are always people connected to marriages; kids, friends, parents; and they are all affected when couples divorce. The kids are mostly affected and I need not say much about how most kids from broken homes turn out to be. Everyone deserves to be happy though, but why did you go into the marriage when you were not sure of the person that is going become your spouse? If you were sure of it before marriage, no matter what happens you should stay put. There are no clouds without dark patches.

The truth in divorce is that girls go into marriages because the man is financially stable and capable of taking care of their needs, especially in this part of the world. After marriage, the reality dawns on them that there is more to marriage than just money. No matter how much they try to be happy, they find out money can’t buy happiness and hence find the best way out of such marriages, divorce being the best bet of not leaving empty handed, especially when kids are already part of the union.

It is so unfortunate that we may be seeing more divorce as dating which leads to marriage has become so casual. People hook up and break up at will. As much as I’m not being gender-bias here, I must say that 85% of the break-up stories I’ve heard lately puts the girl at the blame end. The stories are so alike that I fear for our future if our girls have become more gullible and materialistic than we ever imagined. They say distance is a b*tch and blame it for most break-ups, but let’s be realistic here; when won’t there be distance if there are two ambitious people going after their dreams? Who says you have to choose between your dreams and your girl? Who says you have to choose between your career and your man? These are lies from wherever! You can get both your dream and your dream man. I believe you can’t know how much you love each other when you see everyday.

The true test of love is distance. If you can break the barrier of distance, I’m damn sure your marriage can last forever. But if distance can make you leave the guy you are dating, anything can make you leave your marriage. What if you have to move around so often because of reasons beyond your control, would you date everywhere you go and break up before leaving? Well, maybe that will make you a guru in love. Is that what you think? Don’t be deceived, there are no love gurus, and not the number of people you’ve dated will ensure your expertise in marriage handling. Why not stick to that guy who loves you, respects you, cherishes you, and understands you? Why not stick to that girl who would go through turbulent times with you and not leave?

Over the years I’ve heard stories of girls that seemed decent and so much in love cheating on their boyfriends while they were apart for just months. I’ve also heard stories of guys leaving girls hanging when they leave without actually breaking up, but they stopped making contact. I’ve heard stories of couples who separated just months, even days after getting married. I’ve heard stories of wives leaving husbands because of job loss. I’ve also heard stories of couples who have known eachother from childhood growing old together. I know stories of our mothers who endured difficult times with our fathers and never left. I’ve heard stories of our mothers who sponsored their husbands for further studies after marriage. I’ve heard so many stories of our mothers leading to their marriages and after. I’ve also heard stories of friends’ relationships, break-ups, divorce, and infidelity of all kinds. Our mothers represented love, perseverance, virtue, support, even in an age when polygamy was popular. All these kept me asking; can we ever find wives like our mothers?


Unilag Students Protest Name Change

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Thousands of students of the just renamed University of Lagos have been reported to have gathered to demonstrate and show their displeasure about the change of their school’s name.

President Goodluck Jonathan had announced earlier today that the University has been changed to Moshood Abiola University to honour the late philantopist and politician due to the part he played in Nigeria’s democracy which even led to the loss of his life. The students of the university have therefore voiced their annoyance at the change of the university’s name. They believe the name of the university has been part of its greatness and uniqueness over the years, and believe it isn’t right for anyone to change the name of the school either to honour anyone or in the name of democracy. They reiterated their believe that the school should retain its name no matter what.

The demonstrations are still on.

Jonathan Renames Unilag

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In one of the present government’s activities to commemorate 13 years of uninterrupted democracy, the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has renamed the University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University. This he said was in a bid to remember one of the men who fought for democracy. MKO Abiola’s June 1993 election was annulled and he was put in prison shortly after that. He died while in prison.

The president noted by renaming the University of Lagos after him is a way of immortalizing him. He therefore promised to continue in such act of immortalizing those who fought for democracy.


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Goodluck Jonathan, Ministers Mum to Corruption Prayers

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Patriotic Nigerians would be hurting now at the disappointing occurence of sunday’s Democracy day service at the Ecumenical centre, Abuja as the President of Nigeria and members of his cabinet failed to respond to corruption prayers said by Revd. Akinola.

In commemoration of this year’s democracy day, Most Reverend Peter Akinola of the Anglican Communion was invited as guest preacher at the service held on sunday. The man of God in his sermon lamented how deep corruption has eaten into our system. He therefore urged the congregation to join him in committing the perpetrators into God’s hands.

Unfortunately for Nigeria, her leaders refused to respond. The President; his wife; Governors of Nasarrawa, Bayelsa, and Kaduna; as well as some ministers were all there and almost all of them didn’t respond to the Reverend’s corruption prayer.

The man of God was disappointed at the silence and he conveyed his disappointment without mincing words to the congregation filled with many of Nigeria’s decision makers. He explained how their discouraging response or refusal to respond is a bad sign for this country and show how eager our leaders are to fight corruption.

Most Reverend Peter Akinola only prayed that corrupt officials be taken to the court of God. Our religion-feigning leaders obviously knew the implication of being taken to God’s court, hence their reluctance or utter refusal to say Amen. We know how corrupt most of our office holders are, but what we were not sure of before was how willing they are to fight corruption. I guess they’ve openly beared out their mind about corruption. They are corrupt and they are not thinking of changing. What a group of leaders we’ve got!

Facebook Dreams Smartness

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO has been reported to be planning to launch the company’s own smart phone soon. He stated that he fears that someday Facebook would reduce to just an application on smartphones around the world. Therefore, work is believed to have started on Facebook’s smartphone. If this works out fine, consumers should be on the look out for a new smartphone. What is left to be seen is if Facebook’s smartphone can survive the established dominance of RIM’s Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone, and Google’s Android.

Rachel Oniga, Eldee d Don, Ngozi Ezeonu Celebrates Birthday

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They have excelled in their chosen fields and so many young people look up to them as role models. They are celebrities and we love to identify with them, especially on their birthdays.

Some of this week’s celebrity birthdays

Born on May 21st

Sarah Ramos, born May 21, 1991

Matthew Newmark, born May 21, 1976

Fairuza Balk, born May 21, 1974

Christopher Wallace, born May 21, 1972

Eric Nies, born May 21, 1971

Michael Urban, born May 21, 1969

Josephine Mitchell, born May 21, 1965

Jo Mitchell, born May 21, 1965

Joy-Maria Frederiksen, born May 21, 1964

Brent Briscoe, born May 21, 1961

Peter Rosenfeld, born May 21, 1960

Pernille Hojmark, born May 21, 1960

Nick Cassavetes, born May 21, 1959

Judge Reinhold, born May 21, 1956

Mr. T, born May 21, 1952

Laurence “Mr. T” Tureaud, born May 21, 1952

Al Franken, born May 21, 1951

Carol Potter, born May 21, 1948

Leo Sayer, born May 21, 1948

Richard Hatch, born May 21, 1945

Ronald Isley, born May 21, 1941

Joe Alves, born May 21, 1938

Ann Stephens, born May 21, 1931

Kay Kendall, born May 21, 1927

Marta Toren, born May 21, 1926

Born on May 22nd

Michael DeMartino, born May 22, 1981

Shannon Harper, born May 22, 1981

II, Gregorio Gonzalez, born May 22, 1974

A.J. Langer, born May 22, 1974

Jacinthe Rene, born May 22, 1973

Nikolaj Lie Kaas, born May 22, 1973

Alison Eastwood, born May 22, 1972

Annabel Chong, born May 22, 1972

Naomi Campbell, born May 22, 1970

Kate Russell, born May 22, 1968

Randy Brown, born May 22, 1968

Johnny Gill, born May 22, 1966

Marti Muller, born May 22, 1964

Daisuke Shima, born May 22, 1964

Ashley Renee, born May 22, 1964

Fiona Gelin, born May 22, 1964

Dana Williams, born May 22, 1961

Brian Pillman Weight, born May 22, 1961

Ann Cusack, born May 22, 1961

Bruce Payne, born May 22, 1960

Nikolaj Hejko, born May 22, 1960

Morrissey, born May 22, 1959

Gary Sweet, born May 22, 1957

Al Corley, born May 22, 1956

Iva Davis, born May 22, 1954

Born on May 23rd

Racheal Oniga, born May 23, 1957

Lanre Dabiri, born May 23, 1977

Ngozi Ezeonu, born May 23, 1965

Adam Wylie, born May 23, 1984

Carol Seyboth, born May 23, 1978

Kelly Monaco, born May 23, 1976

Jewel Shepard, born May 23, 1974

Jewel Kilcher, born May 23, 1974

Charlie Yeung, born May 23, 1974

Kimber West, born May 23, 1974

Maxwell, born May 23, 1973

Nadja Uhl, born May 23, 1972

Jason Wardle, born May 23, 1970

Guinevere Turner, born May 23, 1968

Troy Antoine LaFaye, born May 23, 1968

Philip James Selway, born May 23, 1967

Kappei Yamaguchi, born May 23, 1965

Melissa Suzanne McBride, born May 23, 1965

Wally Dallenbach, born May 23, 1963

Martin Udvarnoky, born May 23, 1961

Chris Udvarnoky, born May 23, 1961

Andy Rivera, born May 23, 1961

Thomas Hezel, born May 23, 1961

Karen Duffy, born May 23, 1961

Linden Ashby, born May 23, 1960

Drew Carey, born May 23, 1958

Shelly West, born May 23, 1958

Born on May 24th

Tracy McGrady, born May 24, 1979

Brooke Balderson, born May 24, 1978

Kym Valentine, born May 24, 1977

Dash Mihok, born May 24, 1974

Elisa Bridges, born May 24, 1973

Richard Robinson, born May 24, 1969

Garett Maggart, born May 24, 1969

Ricky Craven, born May 24, 1966

Satomi Kobayashi, born May 24, 1965

John Walsh IX, born May 24, 1965

John C. Reilly, born May 24, 1965

Joe Dumars, born May 24, 1963

Kristen Scott Thomas, born May 24, 1960

Traci Odom, born May 24, 1960

Dwight Arrington Myers, born May 24, 1957

Vesa Vierikko, born May 24, 1956

Larry Blackmon, born May 24, 1956

Rosanne Cash, born May 24, 1955

Alfred Molina, born May 24, 1953

Sybil Danning, born May 24, 1952

Jim Broadbent, born May 24, 1949

Priscilla Presley, born May 24, 1945

Patti LaBelle, born May 24, 1944

Robert Allen Zimmerman, born May 24, 1941

Bob Dylan, born May 24, 1941

Born on May 25th

Eucharia Anunobi, born May 25, 1965

Corbin Allred, born May 25, 1979

Monica Keena, born May 25, 1979

Ramses Del Hierro Ericstam, born May 25, 1978

Olivier Becquaert, born May 25, 1976

Lauryn Hill, born May 25, 1975

Cory Tyler, born May 25, 1973

Tony Ronaldson, born May 25, 1972

Hikari Ishida, born May 25, 1972

Justin Henry, born May 25, 1971

Sidney Greenbush, born May 25, 1970

Jamie Kennedy, born May 25, 1970

Michael Benyaer, born May 25, 1970

Jaimie Kenedy, born May 25, 1970

Siouxsie Stewart, born May 25, 1969

Anne Heche, born May 25, 1969

Roef Ragas, born May 25, 1965

Maurizio Argentieri, born May 25, 1964

Susan Diol, born May 25, 1964

Mike Meyers, born May 25, 1963

Mike Myers, born May 25, 1963

Craig Clark, born May 25, 1960

Connie Sellecca, born May 25, 1955

Patti D’ Arbanville, born May 25, 1951

Sally Ride, born May 25, 1951

Frank Oz, born May 25, 1944

May 26
Zenouska May Mowatt, born May 26, 1990

Benji Gregory, born May 26, 1978

Patsy Palmer, born May 26, 1972

Alan White, VIII, born May 26, 1972

Matt Stone, born May 26, 1971

Aaron Michael Lacey, born May 26, 1969

Anja Daems, born May 26, 1968

Helena Bonham Carter, born May 26, 1966

Christopher Sirmons Haviland, born May 26, 1965

Lenny Kravitz, born May 26, 1964

Bob Goldthwait, born May 26, 1962

Genie Francis, born May 26, 1962

Dough Hutchison, born May 26, 1960

Chris Duffy, born May 26, 1960

Marget Colin, born May 26, 1957

Lisa Niemi, born May 26, 1956

Mehdi El Glaoui, born May 26, 1956

Sally Ride, born May 26, 1951

Jr., Hank Williams, born May 26, 1949

Philip Michael Thomas, born May 26, 1949

Pam Grier, born May 26, 1949

Stevie Nicks, born May 26, 1948

Stephanie Lynn Nicks, born May 26, 1948

Brent Musburger, born May 26, 1939

Paul Wallace, born May 26, 1938

Born on May 27th

Iain Robertson, born May 27, 1981

Darren Drozdov, born May 27, 1976

Anita Blond, born May 27, 1976

Erich Turner, born May 27, 1972

Sibyl Buck, born May 27, 1972

Paul Bettany, born May 27, 1971

Lisa Nicole Lopez, born May 27, 1971

Wayne Carey, born May 27, 1971

Joseph Fiennes, born May 27, 1970

Dondre Whitfield, born May 27, 1969

Jeremy Mayfield, born May 27, 1969

II, Chris Roberts, born May 27, 1968

II, Frank Thomas, born May 27, 1968

Sean Kinney, born May 27, 1966

Nathalie Mallette, born May 27, 1965

Todd Bridges, born May 27, 1965

Pat Cash, born May 27, 1965

Adam Carolla, born May 27, 1964

Denise Van Outen, born May 27, 1964

Cathy Silvers, born May 27, 1961

Peri Gilpin, born May 27, 1961

John L. Chaldu, born May 27, 1960

Linnea Quigley, born May 27, 1958

Neil Finn, born May 27, 1958

Giuseppe Tornatore, born May 27, 1956

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