Who are the mind surgeons? The first time I heard someone refer to a group of people as mind surgeons, the first thing that came to my mind was psychiatry. I was later enlightened about who these people are. They are counsellors.

There is a lot of truth in calling counsellors ‘Mind Surgeons’. They deal with matters of the heart. They understand the human psyche so well that they use their knowledge in helping people get out of trouble, or make important decisions.

Often times we all fall into situations where we have to make choices; mostly hard choices, and we find it hard to go ahead. We are downcast, confused, yet the matter is so sensitive that we can’t discuss it with friends or relatives. We need someone who would understand us, and not blame us for our condition. We need someone who would keep our secrets and would even allow us cry on their shoulders and wouldn’t expect any favours in return. They help our troubled mind get better. Without surgical tools, they do surgical operation on our minds and we are rid of our troubles through their counsel.

Counsellors should be accorded the respect they deserve. If you’ve ever visited one, you’d understand their importance better. Hail the Mind Surgeons!