When it comes to picking the best people in anything, opinions always differ as you may not like what I like. But based on some points, we have selected our all-time best ten rappers, mostly black. Black’s got swag, black’s got rap.

You can add comments or put up your own list of the best all-time rappers.

Starting from 10 is Snoop Dogg

Coming up as Dr Dre’s Protege, Snoop dropped like a bomb on the Hip Hop world with the song “Deep Cover”.  And after gracing Dr Dre’s “The Chronic” with his confident, laid-back flow, Snoop dropped the most important west coast release in the history of Hip Hop……”DoggyStyle”.  Becoming Death Row’s Go-to-Guy, he was lyrically sharp, laid-back, and very charismatic.  Eventually becoming Hip Hop’s lead “PIMP”, he has graced many MC’s albums with incredible 16’s.  After going through downward spiral being signed to No Limit, Snoop eventually signed The Neptunes and became the Snoop was old……….well, almost.

9 Eminem

“I dont give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off”……..This was Eminem’s entrance into the mainstream.  After gaining little attention outside the motor city with his underground releases, Eminem signed with Dr Dre’s upstart Aftermath Records and became a national phenomenon.  Dropped the highly controversial “Slim Shady LP”, Eminem would continue to set Hip Hop ablaze with his genius wordplay and unorthodox flow.  After two major releases, he dropped “The Eminem Show”, in my mind his best work.  Switching up his flow on this album, Eminem became the epitome of all other rappers and even created a beef he did not start.  After Disposing of Benzino and Ja Rule like barbie dolls, Em quickly started being considered as a great.  Only time will tell how great he will be.

8 Scarface

As the frontman for the groundbreaking southern Hip Hop group The Geto Boys, Scarface brought horrifying realism to Hip Hop with each and every group and solo album he released.  With subject matter ranging from Drugs to Life to Heaven and Hell, Scarface dropped knowledge that many lyricists were afraid to touch at the time.  Combined with a raspy delivery, Scarface will always be the King of the South.

7 LL Cool J

Becoming the first artist ever signed to Def Jam, LL Cool J has held down the Hip Hop scene for 20 years now.  Releasing 11 gold and platinum albums, no other artist has been more consistent.  His landmark album “Mama Said Knock You Out” changed LL’s persona and unleashed a rage in his rhymes that would continue for the next ten years.  Becoming an elder statesman for Hip Hop, LL cut out the profanity from his lyrics, a request his grandmother made before she died.  LL has endured many battles, most commonly with Canibus and Kool Moe Dee.  As LL has proved, though he may never be beat in a battle, there is always room for the ladies.

6 KRS-One

Even though KRS-One has remained in the underground scene for alomst 20 years, he continues to be one of the biggest influences in the game.  After Blessing Hip Hop with his Boogie Down Productions crew, Kris went solo and gained critical acclaim as an MC.  Setting the standard for New York Hip Hop in the late 80’s, Kris battled many challengers to stepped to his throne.  KRS-One is a legend, and will always be remembered amongst Hip Hop heads.

5 Nas

He created probably the most important LP in Hip Hop History.  He was dubbed the second coming of the man in front of him on this list.  He has battled through tough times, and even tougher opponents.  After succeeding in battle over Jay-Z, Nas resurrected his career with his important LP that time, Stillmatic.  Nas is one of the greatest to ever grace a mic, and his legacy will be forever etched in Hip Hop.  All he needed was One Mic.

4 Rakim

He changed the way an MC approached the mic….at 17!  He brought multi-syllabic lyricism to the table.  Used God and The Nation of Islam in his rhymes.  Set the standard for what an MC should sound like.  Rakim has had the biggest impact of anyone on this list.  The landmark album “Paid In Full” proved to be the standard.  When Rakim went solo, he dropped the critically acclaimed “The 18th Letter”.  He signed to Aftermath in 2000, and left after he and Dr Dre had creative differences.  When his most anticipated project “Oh My God!” drops, he will change the game once again.

3 2Pac

Dubbed “The Most Influential Rapper Ever”, “All-Time Fan Favorite”, the “G.O.A.T”.  Whatever he is to his fans, 2Pac will forever be remembered for bringing emotion to Hip Hop.  With is 1992 debut “2Pacalypse” he proved he can hang with the best of them.  But 1995’s “Me Against the World” put 2Pac on a pedestal with the greatest artists in musical history.  His battles with the two rappers in front of him were well documented, and he still has the diss song of all time with “Hit Em Up”.  Although he was percieved as a public disgrace and a menace to society, he blessed us with more than Hip Hop.  He graced the big screen, wrote heart-wrenching poetry, and from time to time showed us all his emotions in his songs.  R.I.P. Tupac Amaru Shakur, G.O.A.T.

2 The Notorious B.I.G.

Long live The Flow.  Biggie was to the East Coast what 2Pac was to the West Coast.  Biggie released the Hip Hop classics “Ready to Die” and “Life After Death” and became a Hip Hop icon.  He changed the way an MC flows, and stopped everyone in their tracks when he dropped his verse on “Notorious Thugs” using the Bone Thugs style better than they did themsleves.  Also one of the great storytellers in Hip Hop, The Notorious One had every element an MC could dream of.  Would have easily been No.1 if not for his untimely death in 1997.

1 Jay-Z

Jay-Z, Jigga, or just Sean Carter.  Call him whatever.  He has rhymed alongside the best and held down his own.  His style and flow has been copied by countless MC’s.  Has been the most consistent rapper in the past ten years.  After 8 multi-platinum albums, Jay-Z is and was what every rapper in the game want to be.  His presence on the mic is unmatched.  And even though he lost in battle to rival Nas, The war was won by Jay in the end.  His debut album “Reasonable Doubt” his heralded as his best work, even though albums such as “The Blueprint” and “The Black Album” are classics in their own right.  Even “Hard Knock Life” with its mainstream appeal, can be considered a classic.  All in all, Jay-Z is the true meaning of G.O.A.T.