Patriotic Nigerians would be hurting now at the disappointing occurence of sunday’s Democracy day service at the Ecumenical centre, Abuja as the President of Nigeria and members of his cabinet failed to respond to corruption prayers said by Revd. Akinola.

In commemoration of this year’s democracy day, Most Reverend Peter Akinola of the Anglican Communion was invited as guest preacher at the service held on sunday. The man of God in his sermon lamented how deep corruption has eaten into our system. He therefore urged the congregation to join him in committing the perpetrators into God’s hands.

Unfortunately for Nigeria, her leaders refused to respond. The President; his wife; Governors of Nasarrawa, Bayelsa, and Kaduna; as well as some ministers were all there and almost all of them didn’t respond to the Reverend’s corruption prayer.

The man of God was disappointed at the silence and he conveyed his disappointment without mincing words to the congregation filled with many of Nigeria’s decision makers. He explained how their discouraging response or refusal to respond is a bad sign for this country and show how eager our leaders are to fight corruption.

Most Reverend Peter Akinola only prayed that corrupt officials be taken to the court of God. Our religion-feigning leaders obviously knew the implication of being taken to God’s court, hence their reluctance or utter refusal to say Amen. We know how corrupt most of our office holders are, but what we were not sure of before was how willing they are to fight corruption. I guess they’ve openly beared out their mind about corruption. They are corrupt and they are not thinking of changing. What a group of leaders we’ve got!