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To submit your entry, click on Free Poetry Contest on the web blog and paste your poem on the space for comments. Add your name, e-mail address, and phone number at the base of your poem.

Note: All genres of poetry are accepted. Our judges will select the best poem every week to win the weekly price and the best in the month to win the monthly price. Entrants can also ask their friends to like their poems on as this will also be used in rating the poems to be chosen by our judges. The more likes an entrant has, the bigger his/her chances to win.

Essay entries can be submitted on the blog using the Essay Writing Competition section and posting under comments. Monthly essay topics will be issued on the blog. Interested essay writers can check the blog for essay topics. Name, School, Age, e-mail address are expected to be written at the base of your essay.
Note: The Essay competition is strictly for secondary school students. Other categories to follow.

Terms and Conditions
The organizers of this contest reserve the right to disqualify any poem that is not original. Entrants must therefore ensure that only original works are submitted.
Poems submitted remain the intellectual property of the entrants. Such poems can however be used to project the image of the contest.
Poems will be rated based on our judges’ expertise opinion and votes by readers. Entrants are therefore encouraged to tell their friends about their entry and ask them to vote for their poems by clicking like at the base of such poems.
Poets not comfortable with the submission process need not submit their entries. We can however assure you that the main website is under construction.
The contest is free except stated otherwise. Therefore, in no condition must entrants pay money for any purpose.