Nigeria is crying profusely that she needs a doctor. I bet we can all hear her cry. We must act now! We must wipe her tears. These tragedies must not continue. We can’t continue watching people die like animals. We must act now!

Yesterday, some people left their homes to go rejoice with a friend at Ogbomoso. They left Oyo hale and hearty and said bye-bye to folks back home who would expect them back before the end of the day. Their driver wasn’t overspeeding and he was following traffic rules until an ill-fated truck driver left his lane and hit the bus. All the passengers died. The men, the women, the children, the babies, the pregnant woman; they all died.

We are bearing the brunt of our Government’s incompetence; their failure to instill discipline in contractors and ensure projects are completed as at when due, their failure to reduce trucks, lorries, and tanker traffic on our highways by ensuring they only travel at night, or ensure a working rail system so that goods can be transported through rail and not by road. If you have ever travelled on Oyo-Ogbomoso road, you will understand that these big vehicles really need to leave our highways. The decision makers have not seen anything bad in this. How many more people have to die? The business moguls who own these trucks have not seen what their vehicles are causing. Maybe people who believe they are using their victims’ blood have a point. Afterall, this is Africa, the home of black magic. But, are you happy to see others cry?

This morning, two churches were bombed in Bauchi, eleven people died. I’m not sure if it was Boko Haram, but I think I heard someone say it was the group. Another menace in our society. Yet some people believe these attacks are politically motivated. Who are those people that rejoice in seeing others hurt? Are we still humans?

The tragedy continues as a passenger aircraft with 153 on board crashed into a residential part of Iju-Ishaga in Lagos State. All the passengers died. Only God knows how many residents of the area would be victims. Questions people have been asking circles around the cause of the crash. What could have caused the crash? The aircraft left Abuja for Lagos and was even close to the airport before crashing. We heard news of distress call made before the crash, but was anything done about that? What caused the crash? Could it be because the aircraft lacked required maintenance? Could it be the work of a suicide bomber? Did the pilot lose control? A journalist, Sonnie Ekwowusi wrote an article in one of the dailies last week about the deplorable state of a Dana aircraft he boarded from Abuja to Lagos, but was anything done about this? These are questions we don’t have answers to and we may never get answers to. The passengers are dead. The pilots are dead. Those are the people whose information would have been genuine, and they are all dead. That is all we are left with, grief and questions we may never find answers to. But what do we expect, I heard the aircraft is 22 years old.

Isn’t it time we took actions? If we do all we are supposed to do right and these kind of tragedies happen inevitably, wouldn’t it be easier then to just face God and cry as we let our hearts out to him?

Business moguls who could buy trains to transport their goods and help reduce big vehicles traffic on our highways, contracts that should finish projects given to them by the government, airline operators that cut down on maintenace budget, government that would not put the right policies in place; enforce right laws and improve the country’s situation, you all have God to answer to.

I hate to see the world cry. I guess you do. Keep doing everything wrong. God will judge you by the works of your hand. The blood of the innocent souls that died as a result of your actions cries for vengeance and God said “vengeance is mine”. I await how you will escape His wrath when he decides to unleash it on you and your children. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.