It’d be crazy for anyone in this world full of strife
Not to hold on to the one who makes you smile
Give her a hug the size of a bear
And tell her in love how much you care

For your sake we bake the cake
So they say to boost their sale
I may not be close to give a cake
But with the faith of a sage I pray
That your day be full of cakes

I look up this day with faith
And hope God grants my case
Make you darling my fate
Cos in you I’ve found a mate
That’ll give me joy till heaven’s gate

I’ll raise a thousand to sing and form a band
Ten thousand soldiers only you to guard
As you sit on your royal stool
And watch your subjects pay their dues
I think of ways to steal you away from all the prying eyes

Your subjects will have to bear with me
Cos next birthday they’ll miss the meal
As we’ll be away in our world
You and I alone that’s what I’d love

We’ll celebrate your day in grand style
Stable full of horses for my queen to ride
Closet full of dresses she could wear with pride
As I hope someday to make her my bride

I’ve got gift of the gab to plead my case
But with her it’s a different tale
I need the strength of a knight to please the queen
Fight with lances battles I have to win
Worthy her heart to own and be her king

Her love sends me into spasmodic trance
But today is a day to stay awake and grab the chance
To wish her a life full of bliss
As she celebrates another year in peace

Happy Birthday my Queen
Heard running from the truth is a battle no one wins
Guess I have to tell you again
That I love you with all my being