Since late Umaru Musa Yar’adua chose Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as his running mate for the 2007 Presidential election, Nigeria has been condemned to the fate we are suffering now. For a man who is known for taking over from his bosses before they have finished their term of office, a grave mistake was made when he was named as late Yar’adua’s running mate. I imagined an evil smile graced his lips when he heard news of Yar’adua’s death knowing he was going to take over. I imagined him saying; “Which kind God be this wey love me so much? History has repeated itself”. Maybe I’m wrong, but I always thought things could happen the way it did. Goodluck Jonathan’s story of not having shoes while he was young won him a kind of compassion Nigerians hardly show. He promised Nigerians a breath of fresh air if he was duly elected in 2011 elections, and Nigerians obliged and voted for him en mass. He won in many states of Nigeria, and even unbelievably Lagos where ACN’s stronghold lies. He made Nigerians believe in him and was voted in as President in 2011 elections. The elections might have been rigged like some people opined, but there’s no taking it away from him that he won the hearts of many Nigerians.

Sadly, Goodluck Jonathan’s election has turned out to be the biggest election regret Nigerians have ever had; with unfulfilled promises, fraud, extensive looting, terrorist attacks, insecurity of lives and properties, among other evils; Goodluck Jonathan’s way of saying thank you to the people who gave him their mandate.

The year started with the president’s announcement of removal of fuel subsidy which led to one of the longest strike actions in Nigeria’s history. After several negotiations with the Nigeria Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, and other concerned parties, Goodluck Jonathan promised Nigerians that some buses will be brought into the country to reduce transportation cost, he also promised to reduce money spent on travels and a reduction in allowances of all public office holders, all in a bid to assuage the difficulties an increase in fuel pump price would bring on Nigerians. He didn’t make good any of those promises though, but Nigerians adapted like always. The removal of fuel subsidy brought up a probe by the House of Representative to verify the presidency’s claim that some oil companies illegally collected subsidies. There has been many probes ever since all pointing at one fact; the level of corruption of our leaders.

Terrorist attacks by Boko Haram plus air and auto cashes alone accounts for hundreds of deaths already this year in the country, some of which happened due to the negligence of the government and the refusal of our leaders to do the right things. Besides other ills in Goodluck Jonathan’s government, the growing level of insecurity has earned him further despise by Nigerians who just can’t wait to vote in a new president as soon as he finishes his term in 2015.

Corruption and indiscipline has become so rife among public office holders that they care less how Nigerians who voted them into power would react to their actions. Who would believe a woman who has not been in civil service for over ten years that her husband has been “politically active” could be made a permanent secretary? The last service record of the first lady in Bayelsa state was in 1999 before she joined her husband at the government house when he became the deputy governor of Bayelsa state. Ask Bayelsa state governor what made him think Dame Patience Jonathan merited that office more than other civil servants who had been working assiduously in Bayelsa state all their lives. Although, it was proven that the governor was constitutionally right to have appointed Dame Pathience Jonathan as a permanent secretary, but isn’t it obvious how ethically wrong his action was?

It’s high time we united as Nigerians and kick bad eggs out of public offices. We need to start grooming the right people for those offices and let the current crop of leaders who are embezzling public funds know that their days are numbered. Let’s unite against them because that’s the only chance we stand against their evil agenda. Let’s save Nigeria.