Nigeria’s major problem over the years has been corruption. We have been plagued as a nation with corrupt leaders who would stop at nothing to steal the nation’s resources for themselves, their families, and their associates. Sadly, bad followership has made matters worse as a follower yesterday has become a leader today, yet we still have corrupt leaders.

It is very easy to criticize and that’s what we have been doing as a nation; we criticize our leaders, and not constructively. The country has been divided along ethnic, religious, and political lines. This has been frustrating the efforts of the few good leaders we have left. Terrorist attacks have become rampant and many lives have been lost. But our so-called bad leaders aren’t the ones that carry bombs; we do. If there is going to be a change and the major problem of corruption we have as a country will reduce, we must focus on individuals. I must ask myself what I should change about me, or the actions I should take so that our national menace of corruption can subside. The minister of petroleum was quoted sometimes ago to have said Nigeria can never be corruption-free. Maybe she said so because she is herself corrupt. Maybe our leaders have lost faith in themselves to turn things around, but while still followers we can do something about corruption. We can position ourselves for a corruption-free leadership in the nearest future.

I can clean my house and ensure I don’t give or take bribe. I can decide to always be honest and truthful in all my dealings with people. More importantly, I can teach the younger ones how bad corruption is and make them despise it. Our generation is this corrupt because we grew up in corruption. This is a generation where you have to tip people to do their work. This a generation where you have to know someone before some things get done. This a generation where you have to tell some lies to get some things done. But I can change all this by first working on myself and people around me, ensuring they all appreciate a corruption-free environment and be ready to stand up for the truth no matter what. Every other person can do the same, and in a matter of just a few years we can see the results of our actions and see a new Nigeria, a corruption free nation with sustainable development.