We met while at the Teachers’ college and fell in love. Words can begin to describe the kind of man he was. He was the best man any woman would ask God for. He loved me so dearly and it was obvious. We were a couple in school, and people envied our relationship.

After graduating from Teachers’ College, we got jobs in the same town and that convinced us we were meant for each other. Months later we were already making marriage plans after both families have agreed their kids have found the perfect partner. A year after, we were married and I was already carrying our first child.

While in school, he always told me how much he would have loved to study Medicine if he had the sponsorship. I never forgot the glow in his eyes anytime he talked about Medicine, and I was determined to help him live his dream. I asked him if he was still interested in Medicine, and he said only if he had the sponsorship. I replied him the sponsorship was there already. He didn’t understand what I meant until I brought out his JAMB form and asked him to fill in his desired schools. He collected the form smiling but set it aside and held my hand to thank me. He said he was grateful but wanted to know what made me think it was possible. He said it was one thing to obtain the form, and another to pay the school fees, buy books, and pay other bills. He could not believe his ears when I told him I had been saving for his education, and although the money would not be enough to see him through school, I would do other businesses to ensure everything went well. As great a news as it was to hear, he wouldn’t agree to my plan because he believed the burden would be too much for me. He would have to resign from his job and live on me. He asked how possible I thought that would be especially with the baby coming. But a voice always told me all would be fine, and I was able to convince him.

I need not tell you all I went through during his medical training, but I really suffered as did my daughter. I kept our suffering from him because I knew he was going to drop out the moment he knew we were suffering. I had to lie to my parents about how we funded his studies. I said he was on scholarship and so the government was paying his fees. They would ask me why I was always broke since my husband was the government’s son, and I would say the scholarship covered only books and school fees, and that food was so expensive at the university that my salary was just a little over his feeding money monthly. They were there for me through thick and thin.

My husband has being a Medical Doctor for twenty years now and he’s doing great. We stay in a big house where I have a flat to myself and my kids. Three of the other five flats are for three other women who my husband have married in the past ten years. He was still the man I fell in love with when he got back from Medical school and he remained so for ten years. We lived well. He got me lots of gifts. I never spent school long vacation in the country. He spent virtually all he made on me. He spoilt me! Thank God I didn’t agree when he asked me to resign. I simply told him Teaching was my life and I was never going to stop till I’m ripe for retirement.

The last ten years have been hell. I’ve searched my heart to find where I went wrong but I can’t seem to find anything. I’ve been treated like a maid in the house. The wives hurl insults at me at will. I’m also the one whose kids have to clean the compound, and even their flats when I’m not around. The easiest way out would have been to leave, but how am I going to leave after all we went through together? Am I just going to let some strange women take my home away from me? I need help!