Millions of Nigerians are unemployed and millions also under-employed. The search for a source of income has ensured the ever-increasing group of unemployed people are prone to embarrassing situations, demeaning propositions, and fraud. It can be very frustrating looking for a job without knowing someone who can help in Nigeria. They tell their stories through us so you’d know how it feels to be them.

“I never believed it was this hard. I heard stories of people going four years after graduation without a job and I never believed any of those. I thought it was impossible. Today, I believe people can go ten years without a job.

I have been at several interviews and I never left any interview hopeless as the body language of my interviewers and my performance and carriage always convinced I’d be top of their consideration list. My Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Accounting, my MBA(in view), and one-paper-to-go ACA qualification has not been able to get me a job since I graduated in 2010. My situation may not be the worst, but I may be the hardest hit because I never prepared for this. I never thought I could be jobless for this long.

Last weekend, I was invited for another interview. The company had advertised for graduate trainees. We were suppose to write a test before the interview. The 72 of us there, well dressed in nice clothes and borrowed suits(I borrowed mine) were all hopeful. We discussed what the salary range could be judging from the company’s building and how well furnished their conference hall where we waited was. I smiled when I read through the 10 questions on the paper. I was happy I had done the test very well and my mind was fixed on the interview.

It was funny how nobody asked what the company really does until after the test. We were briefed on the activities of the company and half-way into it applicants left one after the other. I knew where the guy would end when he started; we were going to pay some money before we start marketing GNLD products. We were to pay N8000 each. I left smiling and pitying myself once again for having wasted the N1000 loan I took on transport.

How did they expect me to pay N8000 to get a job without being paid salary. Those guys stood before us with their saccharine-coated mouths advising us to become part of them as if they aren’t just part of us who figured out a way of having little income to feed. Kudos to them for figuring out a source of income though. We were told stories that were meant to brainwash us into paying N8000 each. I felt so stupid sitting there listening to them that I left with the second set of people who left.

This isn’t the worst feeling I’ve had after a test or interview, but having an opportunity to share this few days after the test makes me feel a lot better. I just hope this story becomes sweeter to tell soon when I get a job.”

Their stories will be here every monday as they scout for their dream jobs. You can send in yours also to inspire other people like you. Who knows what good can come out of all this.
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