The Yellow Peril; Between The United States and China

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Many years ago, I read about the yellow peril in my old dictionary. My dictionary(Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1973 edition) defined the yellow peril as the supposed danger that the very large number of people in eastern Asia will destroy or take over the civilizations of the Western countries. The events that have unfolded over the years and the current situation of things reminded me of that old saying; the yellow peril.

Maybe only a few people heard it then as no one can state certainly the origin of the saying. This may be the reason why ‘the prophecy’, ‘the saying’, or whatever term we choose to use in referring to the yellow peril is coming true. The United States however seem to be aware of it as they are evidently doing everything in their powers to stay above China, the east Asia trail blazer in everything.

The rise of many east Asian countries over the years have been nothing short of magical as they have toppled many Western nations to become part of the leading economies in the world. Although China remains second in top world economies ranking, many Americans believe that US has fallen behind China. Japan, another east Asian country comes third on the list. Other east Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan, Siberia, Mongolia are not doing badly too. Despite many western economies having had to be bailed out of financial troubles lately, most east Asian countries remain economically stable.

China has been doing east Asia proud with her foray into every industry possible. After stamping down their authority in technology with many American companies investing there, they have gone into several industries and are giving western countries a run for their money. Reports suggest that China’s fashion industry is set to become the world’s second largest fashion market by 2020. The 530 American athletes at the 2012 Olympics wore blue blazers, cream-colored pants for men and skirts for women and blue berets with red and white stripes by American designer Ralph Lauren at the opening ceremony; all made in China. The US olympic committee was criticized by the American congress, calling the action dumb and self-defeating.

China has pushed the west further by her recent level of sports development. America has succeeded in luring European football stars to America over the years, with David Beckham and Thierry Henry plying their trades in America’s Major League Soccer. In the same vein, China has been able to bring football stars like Nicholas Anelka, Didier Drogba, and Yakubu Aiyegbeni to the country’s Chinese Super League. In fact, the battle was stiff in the Olympics for who would win as both countries shuffled for top spot; China later relinquished its lead to the United States.

Laura Wood, a senior manager at Research and Markets has reported that China has one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world. She stated further that global entertainment industry is expected to witness a growth of 10% in the next four years and the growth will be driven by China.

As insignificant as the music industry in east Asia may seem on world stage, it has been said that the level attained by China in just 30years took the west over 60years. Hopes are therefore high on the future of China’s music industry as well as other sections of their entertainment industry.

The yellow peril, a prophecy as it may seem may be coming true already. The west is wary of losing their continued world dominance sustained hitherto by the US. Other western countries might have lost the fight against east Asia but the US won’t give up without a fight.

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Nigeria: Blessed But Blighted

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I was reading a piece by Femi Adesina at the weekend where he narrated with nostalgia, his experience at Livingstone, Zambia. The things he saw made him feel sorry for Nigeria and he referred to the country as ‘Blessed but Blighted. I sat there poised and lost in thought for hours. He was right in every sense. We have all it takes to be a great country, yet we can’t be called one.

Nigerians who travel often have recounted their experiences about countries with little resources doing so well and are rightly ashamed Nigeria isn’t doing a good job managing the resources God gave us. I’m sure He’s not proud of how we have laid to waste the natural and intellectual resources He endowed us with.

The dismal performance of team Nigeria at the just concluded Olympics in London where Nigeria failed to win a medal has opened a national debate with Nigerians airing their views about the reasons for Nigeria’s failure at the games. The billions of Naira allocated to the Nigerian Olympic Committee is another fruitless spending among many we have witnessed. We don’t lack talented athletes. What we lack is the right structure for development of talents.

The number of Nigerians playing American football in the National Football League (NFL) is so surprising. So also we have a couple of Nigerians in America’s NBA. These are the lucky few out of the numerous talented Nigerian athletes. Like someone rightly said, if Nigeria will win anything at the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the time to start preparing is now.

Recent Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) report suggests that Nigeria needs to up her food production by over 60% to ensure sufficiency of food to her populace. It beats me why Nigeria can’t produce enough food for the nation’s consumption and even excess for export. Nigeria’s climate is so favourable to agriculture that it’s sheer wastefulness and stupidity if we have to import food we can grow locally. Agriculture used to be the main stay of Nigeria’s economy before the discovery of oil. There was enough to consume and even export. Now that we have improved agricultural techniques, wouldn’t it be easier to produce more agricultural products?

Taio Cruz and Tinie Tempah both performed at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics; they both have Nigerian blood flowing in their veins. Same can be said of Wale(the rapper), Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje (Lost), Sophie Okonedo(Hotel Rwanda), Chamillionaire, Seal, Tunde Bayewu (former member of Lighthouse family), Sade Adu, Philip Emeagwali, Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, Femi Oke(CNN International anchor), and several others; who are Nigerians we can be proud of anywhere in the world.

Nigeria is blessed with great human and natural resources enough to make any country great, but the country is blighted with corruption and bad leadership. Hope shouldn’t be lost yet as we shall win our battle of ridding this nation of corrupt leadership. But while we fight, we should ensure we protect the future leaders from being infected with the same disease we are fighting in their fathers. We should all rid ourselves of every form of corruption so that one day we’d be able to appreciate fully how blessed Nigeria really is.

WAEC Examinations Failure: Is There A Way Out?

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The West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) has announced the release of the May/June 2012 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and once again massive failure has been recorded. Only 38.31% of 1,695,878million candidates that sat for the exams obtained five credits in English Language, Mathematics and three other subjects; the requirements for admission into universities and polytechnics. This is an indication once again, of the falling standards in our country’s education which has not been well addressed by the appropriate bodies.

Since the rate of failure in WAEC and NECO examinations became alarming in the past few years, decision makers in Nigeria’s educational sector, politicians, and parents at large have decided to place the blame of students’ failure in examinations on the teachers. Teachers have been berated in so many ways and have been turned into objects of ridicule by many who are of the opinion that most teachers can’t even pass the examinations they give out to students, and are made to write exams after exams before getting their deserved promotion. Students could have lost respect for their teachers as a result of the wagging tongues of their parents passing disrespectful comments to teachers. How possible is it for you to understand what you are being taught by someone you don’t respect?

With the level of intelligence of the generation of kids we have now, one would expect a better academic performance than what we have now. As much as I am not absolving teachers of any blame, I’d say there is little they can do if other necessary things are not put in place. Parents have a duty to their kids to ensure they are well educated, and education is not all about what the teacher says in school, it has to continue at home. Most parents are wrapped up in a world of their own, making their career a priority over their kids. I remember how much of Mathematics my dad taught me, and how many knocks I received in the process. Kids may need to be slapped or knocked into learning some things, but parents hardly do that these days. Today’s parenting has really affected students’ ability as evidenced in their examination performance. The length some parents go to ensure their wards pass examinations is also very disheartening. My parents never lobbied for my examination success or admission anywhere, and any certificate I have today is the result of my efforts and no one else’s.

The Cowbell Mathematics competition seemed to be the only known thriving schools’ competition. There are no longer competitions in schools. Little did we know that having something to fight for encourages hardwork. Many schools don’t even put position in class on students’ report sheets anymore. When students don’t have anything to fight for apart from external exams like WAEC and NECO exams(because there are hardly cases of class repetition due to failure), they only prepare for those, and it’s always too late.

It’s high time parents started doing what’s right for their kids’ future. What are your kids doing up at 12 midnight watching TV? Why are you too busy to check your kid’s notebooks after work? Are your weekends also too busy with unnecessary engagements that you can’t go over the week’s work with your kids? Remember how your parents tutored you while you were your kid’s age. Why aren’t you being that kind of parent to your kid too?

We have a government that is finding it hard to implement budgets so it’d even be a waste of timing sulking about the allocation to education. While we see out these dark times of governance, do we allow our education to rot? Corporate bodies and wealthy individuals can arise and keep our students busy with enough subjects competition, essay competitions, sports competitions, all filled with benefits of scholarships and educational materials. Let’s fill our students’ lives with more value by making them view education in a new perspective. Believe me when I say education bores kids of nowadays. They are in school because everyone else is. Let’s make school fun as there will be an activity for everyone. Those countries with enviable educational pedigree have schools full of activities. This is one important thing we are missing. Those activities are what shape kids into what they are meant to be. Let’s bring back the JET club, Literary and Debating Society, and the rest of them.

Maybe someday soon, parents would show how interested they are in their children’s future by coming together to discuss the way forward. It will be a shame if our country filled with intellectuals continue producing students who amass failure in exams. Let’s fight mediocrity in every way we can.

RFID, Mark of The Beast: The Role of The Church


We discussed the RFID chips in Obama health care plan and its relevance to the mark of the beast yesterday. We are going to discuss the role the church has played in all of this today. Fears need to be allayed about the RFID chips in Obama health care plan as being the mark of the beast. I will tell you why I beg to differ from all christians whose position on the matter has done nothing but scare people who believe in their assertions.

The book of Revelation is a record of things to happen as the world ends. It is the word of God, and it is recorded in the Holy Bible that heaven and earth may pass away but God’s words won’t pass away without doing that which God has sent it. Speaking of Revelation 13:16-18, there is no doubt about the mark of the beast or the fact that we should be wary of it. But if anyone has read the book of Revelation through, you’d notice that the mark of the beast will be introduced by the beast after rapture; the taking up of the saints. If this is true, it beats me why the church spreads panic among its congregation and everyone who believes in the truth of the Holy Bible. Our problem as christians is that we have allowed the world into us so much and most of us are not even sure of our salvation that every little hint of eternal damnation scares us to death. The Bible made it clear that only the people who miss the taking up of the saints will experience the tribulation (mark of the beast and what not).

If RFID chips were just the mark of the beast, thousands of people or more already using it over the world, are they damned? Well, maybe it’s a blueprint for the mark of the beast if that’s what you think. But come to think of it, why should you care? I believe if this is an indication that the world will come to an end before the enforcement of chips on Americans, wouldn’t you rather just make peace with your God and continue to work in his ways? If Americans are coaxed into taking the RFID chip in order to be assessible to affordable health care, why is that an indication that the world is coming to an end? Have you forgotten that there are over 6billion people in the world?

It amazes me why the fears in Africa is even more than the one in America. The panic has spread so much that people no longer focus on what they should do; making peace with God. Rather, I have been hearing about prayer sessions for God to thwart Obama’s plans. A chunk of African christians now believe Obama may be the anti-christ. Others believe he is in league with the devil, and he is only following his master’s directives. The devil was even reported to have visited the Nigerian president about a possible implementation of his plans in Nigeria, and that the Nigerian leader vehemently refused. This may be related to the news broadcast via social media few days ago about liability of those who wear red on a particular day to die. Africa is full of myths as we may know. These are the same people who campaigned Obama’s election. Churches prayed, people pasted Obama stickers on them and theirs just because he is black. Now that he’s president, they believe he’s evil because of his policies. I think it’s high time the church started praying about the right things. The Bible says you ask and you don’t receive because you ask amiss. We shouldn’t leave the important things we should pray about while facing issues of life that are there because we are in the ‘world’. What’s the church concern praying that Lady Gaga should not come into Nigeria because she’s a self-confessed satanic? Who knows how many Nigerians who live in Nigeria are also in league with the devil? Maybe there are even Nigerians higher up in hierarchy than Lady Gaga and the rest of the confessed ones.

The end is near as we all know it. The signs are everywhere. What we all should do is make peace with our God, and be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ anytime. Remember that no one knows when Jesus Christ shall come. We just have to be ready. So, stop the panic and move closer to your God. Africans already thinking of relocating from the US, you can stay and prove to your God you will be ready when he comes. May God grant us the grace to make heaven.

RFID Chips, 666, and Obama Health Care Plan


There has been increasing fears around over the past few months on the Obama health care plan that has been passed into law in the United States, with many Christians believing the RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) chip is the mark of the beast talked about in the Holy Bible(Revelation 13:16-18). School principals have been educating their students about this. Pastors have been sounding a note of warning to their congregation. But is this chip the mark of the beast the bible warned about?

RFID technology has been in use since the 1940s and it has been used in several aspects of human life, for security reasons mostly. RFID has been implanted in animals to track them to their natural habitat or places of origin. Individuals have in the past had an RFID chip implanted in their skin with codes to unlock safes, doors, and also for tracking them in case of kidnap. In fact, many countries of the world have had their army use the chip for years. There has also been cases of people who had chips implanted in them without their knowledge. Research has however shown that the RFID chip may contain Lithium which is dangerous to man. Whatever the truth about the RFID chip is, it is an infringement on human rights to impose implantation of chips on anyone, but that seems to be part of the Obama health care plan.

As much as the plan may be good for Americans, imposing chips on people will fault the whole plan and mar Obama’s government. There are opinions in some quarters that although the health insurance will be made compulsory for all ‘eligible’ Americans, no one will be compelled to have a chip implanted. Check this link for the author’s opinion: Other people believe everyone with the compulsory health insurance must take the chip which they believe is the mark of the beast: How easy it would be for a country who claims to uphold human rights to impose RFID chip implants on its people remains to be seen. There must be big corporations who wouldn’t like this idea. There must be millions of America who wouldn’t allow implants. If this is true, what is the government planning to do about them? I heard there will be private insurance available for those who wouldn’t want chips implanted in them, which might be costly thereby forcing people to go along with the government’s plan. Whichever way Obama is planning to do this, he would in a way infringe on people’s human rights. Remember, his re-election is on the line. He is probably doing this because he believes it’s the best for Americans, but Americans who are against this can rise with a strong voice to say NO, no matter how hard it is to resist.

Tomorrow, we shall discuss the role the church has played in all of this. The end-time is near, no doubt about that. But is this the mark of the beast?

Olympics To Watch Good Football

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It’s been seven days since I last posted here. I have to say I felt horrible through those days. I was in a place where I couldn’t even scribble down my thoughts. I wasn’t in jail if that’s what you are thinking. However, I managed to write a piece on the rivalry between the US and China. China is doing great as we all can see. I guess it’s a prophecy coming true. If you are always here, you will read more on that very soon.

The much awaited Olympics is gradually coming to an end, and London has lived up to the entire Olympic universe’s expectations. Indeed, we have seen a nice staging of different sports. The opening ceremony as it had been said over and over again was fantastic. More so it was there the Queen of England did the most unexpected; parachuting off an helicopter to the event. It signaled the beginning of an Olympics full of record-breaking feats – Michael Phelps, Andy Murray, Usain Bolt, and so many other athletes have made this year’s Olympics one we all won’t forget in decades. The host team GB has not been doing badly having cemented a top-three spot that seems settled for this year’s games as the first three spots seems to have been decided with the wide difference in the number of medals won between the top-three teams and the rest of the teams on the medals table. China has once again toppled US in another way by laying claim to the top spot they earlier relinquished to the US. I guess the US couldn’t negotiate their way out of this as they have done in economic, military, political, and several other matters to ensure they remain atop China in ‘world super power ranking’.

As much as we have all been caught up in the epidemic Olympics fever, there is always something that makes the world tick and leave whatever they are doing for a while, and that is football; especially when two of the greatest clubs in football history lock horns. The Olympics is definitely going to lose some followers briefly tonight when Barcelona meets Manchester United. Friendly as it may be, this may be a time of revenge on Barcelona as they have denied United the UEFA Champions league crown twice(2009&2011). Lucky Swedes have the opportunity to watch footballers play with finesse tonight on their home soil, while the rest of us lovers of the beautiful round leather game can watch it online or on our Tv sets. It’s always a cracker when both teams meet, and fans all over the world will be waiting earnestly for kick-off. Who’s your money on?

August lessons from the Lion

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Just sat reading at my table when it struck my mind how important and significant the lessons we can learn from the new month are. The month of August is the 8th month of the year. Folks born in August have the Zodiac sign of a Lion and are called Leos. But it isn’t just enough to know the signs without knowing what they signify.

The Lion signifies strength, courage, authority, pride, protectiveness, bravery, fierceness, alertness, vision, beauty, vigour, and love. What matters here is the lion, the sign of the leo zodiac sign and what it stand for, not the astrological significance.

The strength of a lion is enviable and it speaks volume of it’s glory among animals in the wild. I used to wonder when I was younger why they refer to the lion as king of the jungle. I knew it had to be their strength. I wondered if there had been a fight among the strongest animals in the wild, and that it was after the Lion won that he was declared king of the jungle. This same measure of strength is what we should all apply in every area of our lives. We can hold our own in our careers, academics, and other life journey by having an immense inner strength to face all the challenges that might come our way.

Courage is another quality of the lion that is needed to win in life. Life is fraught with challenges that make us faint and try to stop us from achieving our goals. Courage is one of the artilleries that we need in our arsenal to win the wars we need to fight in order to get to our destination in life. Courage is what we all need to face the uncertainties of life.

The authority the lion wields in the wild is worthy of note, and it has been used to describe the kind of authority leaders should possess. As much as leadership is not about ordering people about, it is also imperative that leaders are well respected enough to have authority in their territory. The voice of a leader should be a force to be reckoned with, likewise we all should position ourselves to be respected wherever we are looked upon as leaders.

Protectiveness is another great quality of the lion we all should have. The lion is protective of its pride and would fight to death any invader, even a fellow lion. We must protect our own, stick up for one another and keep one another’s interests. Life will be better for us all if we can do this.

Bravery is a key to achieving the seemingly impossible. The lion isn’t the biggest animal, but it faces even bigger animals in order to stamp its authority, protect its territory, or feed its pride. We all need to be brave; we need bravery to find what really makes us happy, bravery to ignore what others feel is successful and find our own success, bravery to dare to make dramatic changes in the path of our career that will also change our personal lives.

The month of August is a month in which we should cultivate the qualities of a lion, the Zodiac sign of the month. Our lives can be much better if we can make use of these qualities in August and for the rest of our lives. We can let these qualities work for us like it does for the lion who never goes hungry no matter the economy of the jungle.