Just sat reading at my table when it struck my mind how important and significant the lessons we can learn from the new month are. The month of August is the 8th month of the year. Folks born in August have the Zodiac sign of a Lion and are called Leos. But it isn’t just enough to know the signs without knowing what they signify.

The Lion signifies strength, courage, authority, pride, protectiveness, bravery, fierceness, alertness, vision, beauty, vigour, and love. What matters here is the lion, the sign of the leo zodiac sign and what it stand for, not the astrological significance.

The strength of a lion is enviable and it speaks volume of it’s glory among animals in the wild. I used to wonder when I was younger why they refer to the lion as king of the jungle. I knew it had to be their strength. I wondered if there had been a fight among the strongest animals in the wild, and that it was after the Lion won that he was declared king of the jungle. This same measure of strength is what we should all apply in every area of our lives. We can hold our own in our careers, academics, and other life journey by having an immense inner strength to face all the challenges that might come our way.

Courage is another quality of the lion that is needed to win in life. Life is fraught with challenges that make us faint and try to stop us from achieving our goals. Courage is one of the artilleries that we need in our arsenal to win the wars we need to fight in order to get to our destination in life. Courage is what we all need to face the uncertainties of life.

The authority the lion wields in the wild is worthy of note, and it has been used to describe the kind of authority leaders should possess. As much as leadership is not about ordering people about, it is also imperative that leaders are well respected enough to have authority in their territory. The voice of a leader should be a force to be reckoned with, likewise we all should position ourselves to be respected wherever we are looked upon as leaders.

Protectiveness is another great quality of the lion we all should have. The lion is protective of its pride and would fight to death any invader, even a fellow lion. We must protect our own, stick up for one another and keep one another’s interests. Life will be better for us all if we can do this.

Bravery is a key to achieving the seemingly impossible. The lion isn’t the biggest animal, but it faces even bigger animals in order to stamp its authority, protect its territory, or feed its pride. We all need to be brave; we need bravery to find what really makes us happy, bravery to ignore what others feel is successful and find our own success, bravery to dare to make dramatic changes in the path of our career that will also change our personal lives.

The month of August is a month in which we should cultivate the qualities of a lion, the Zodiac sign of the month. Our lives can be much better if we can make use of these qualities in August and for the rest of our lives. We can let these qualities work for us like it does for the lion who never goes hungry no matter the economy of the jungle.