We discussed the RFID chips in Obama health care plan and its relevance to the mark of the beast yesterday. We are going to discuss the role the church has played in all of this today. Fears need to be allayed about the RFID chips in Obama health care plan as being the mark of the beast. I will tell you why I beg to differ from all christians whose position on the matter has done nothing but scare people who believe in their assertions.

The book of Revelation is a record of things to happen as the world ends. It is the word of God, and it is recorded in the Holy Bible that heaven and earth may pass away but God’s words won’t pass away without doing that which God has sent it. Speaking of Revelation 13:16-18, there is no doubt about the mark of the beast or the fact that we should be wary of it. But if anyone has read the book of Revelation through, you’d notice that the mark of the beast will be introduced by the beast after rapture; the taking up of the saints. If this is true, it beats me why the church spreads panic among its congregation and everyone who believes in the truth of the Holy Bible. Our problem as christians is that we have allowed the world into us so much and most of us are not even sure of our salvation that every little hint of eternal damnation scares us to death. The Bible made it clear that only the people who miss the taking up of the saints will experience the tribulation (mark of the beast and what not).

If RFID chips were just the mark of the beast, thousands of people or more already using it over the world, are they damned? Well, maybe it’s a blueprint for the mark of the beast if that’s what you think. But come to think of it, why should you care? I believe if this is an indication that the world will come to an end before the enforcement of chips on Americans, wouldn’t you rather just make peace with your God and continue to work in his ways? If Americans are coaxed into taking the RFID chip in order to be assessible to affordable health care, why is that an indication that the world is coming to an end? Have you forgotten that there are over 6billion people in the world?

It amazes me why the fears in Africa is even more than the one in America. The panic has spread so much that people no longer focus on what they should do; making peace with God. Rather, I have been hearing about prayer sessions for God to thwart Obama’s plans. A chunk of African christians now believe Obama may be the anti-christ. Others believe he is in league with the devil, and he is only following his master’s directives. The devil was even reported to have visited the Nigerian president about a possible implementation of his plans in Nigeria, and that the Nigerian leader vehemently refused. This may be related to the news broadcast via social media few days ago about liability of those who wear red on a particular day to die. Africa is full of myths as we may know. These are the same people who campaigned Obama’s election. Churches prayed, people pasted Obama stickers on them and theirs just because he is black. Now that he’s president, they believe he’s evil because of his policies. I think it’s high time the church started praying about the right things. The Bible says you ask and you don’t receive because you ask amiss. We shouldn’t leave the important things we should pray about while facing issues of life that are there because we are in the ‘world’. What’s the church concern praying that Lady Gaga should not come into Nigeria because she’s a self-confessed satanic? Who knows how many Nigerians who live in Nigeria are also in league with the devil? Maybe there are even Nigerians higher up in hierarchy than Lady Gaga and the rest of the confessed ones.

The end is near as we all know it. The signs are everywhere. What we all should do is make peace with our God, and be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ anytime. Remember that no one knows when Jesus Christ shall come. We just have to be ready. So, stop the panic and move closer to your God. Africans already thinking of relocating from the US, you can stay and prove to your God you will be ready when he comes. May God grant us the grace to make heaven.