Many years ago, I read about the yellow peril in my old dictionary. My dictionary(Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1973 edition) defined the yellow peril as the supposed danger that the very large number of people in eastern Asia will destroy or take over the civilizations of the Western countries. The events that have unfolded over the years and the current situation of things reminded me of that old saying; the yellow peril.

Maybe only a few people heard it then as no one can state certainly the origin of the saying. This may be the reason why ‘the prophecy’, ‘the saying’, or whatever term we choose to use in referring to the yellow peril is coming true. The United States however seem to be aware of it as they are evidently doing everything in their powers to stay above China, the east Asia trail blazer in everything.

The rise of many east Asian countries over the years have been nothing short of magical as they have toppled many Western nations to become part of the leading economies in the world. Although China remains second in top world economies ranking, many Americans believe that US has fallen behind China. Japan, another east Asian country comes third on the list. Other east Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan, Siberia, Mongolia are not doing badly too. Despite many western economies having had to be bailed out of financial troubles lately, most east Asian countries remain economically stable.

China has been doing east Asia proud with her foray into every industry possible. After stamping down their authority in technology with many American companies investing there, they have gone into several industries and are giving western countries a run for their money. Reports suggest that China’s fashion industry is set to become the world’s second largest fashion market by 2020. The 530 American athletes at the 2012 Olympics wore blue blazers, cream-colored pants for men and skirts for women and blue berets with red and white stripes by American designer Ralph Lauren at the opening ceremony; all made in China. The US olympic committee was criticized by the American congress, calling the action dumb and self-defeating.

China has pushed the west further by her recent level of sports development. America has succeeded in luring European football stars to America over the years, with David Beckham and Thierry Henry plying their trades in America’s Major League Soccer. In the same vein, China has been able to bring football stars like Nicholas Anelka, Didier Drogba, and Yakubu Aiyegbeni to the country’s Chinese Super League. In fact, the battle was stiff in the Olympics for who would win as both countries shuffled for top spot; China later relinquished its lead to the United States.

Laura Wood, a senior manager at Research and Markets has reported that China has one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world. She stated further that global entertainment industry is expected to witness a growth of 10% in the next four years and the growth will be driven by China.

As insignificant as the music industry in east Asia may seem on world stage, it has been said that the level attained by China in just 30years took the west over 60years. Hopes are therefore high on the future of China’s music industry as well as other sections of their entertainment industry.

The yellow peril, a prophecy as it may seem may be coming true already. The west is wary of losing their continued world dominance sustained hitherto by the US. Other western countries might have lost the fight against east Asia but the US won’t give up without a fight.

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