After she disclosed her intention to sing, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike has been faced with criticism of all sorts. She’s been tagged ‘I go sing by force actress’ by some people. She didn’t allow criticsm put her down, and as planned, Tonto Dike released her debut singles on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

God save our souls! Tonto Dike turned out a disappointment as feared by her fans and predicted by pundits. Her two songs were basically ‘the reincarnation of crap’. The two singles sums up Tonto Dike’s music career; she wanted to GET HIGH, but unfortunately, ITZ OVA even before it’s started. You gotta stick to acting sis, singing isn’t just for you.

The comments about her song on social media is just disheartening. Our heart goes out to her at this difficult time.