The increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming, and this has put everyone on their toes as we seek to find a solution to the problem of unemployment. The government has created several programs they thought would help reduce unemployment in the country, but sadly the effects have not really been felt.

One thing that is fast becoming the most effective way to reduce unemployment is self-employment. In order to be self-employed however, a lot has to be put in it. Money is sometimes a big issue when it comes to self-employment for some people, but honestly money shouldn’t be an issue. Being self-employed gives you the power to start where you are. One big issue people often overlook is SKILL.

How skilful you are in your craft gives you an edge over others. Skill plays a major role in how far you go in your career whether you are self-employed or employed by someone.

Nobody just gives out big packages and fat salaries without getting value for their money. You have to prove to your clients or employers that you deserve every kobo you get and more.

Few people who know this truth have seen it as an opportunity to exploit unsuspecting and ignorant people. They tell you about the importance of acquiring more skills and getting professional certifications and go as far as telling you discipline doesn’t even matter. They coax you into offering courses that are totally irrelevant to your field of study or the career you want to build.

I can’t blame you if you have fallen prey to their antics, but the good news is you are free now, and you can make the right decision by doing the right thing especially if you want to build a career in the field I work.

I won’t lie to you and tell you it doesn’t matter what you studied in school, the career you’d love to build or the job you are doing now, but I will advise you to take the opportunity of working in one of the industries that pays the best salaries in Africa.

You may have a very good degree and you might have been applying for a job in oil and gas for so long, but I need to tell you another truth; there are so many people with the same class of degree that you have, so nobody actually cares if you had a First Class Honours. They don’t want a guy with a good degree in Oil & Gas; they want the guy who can get the job done.

Congratulations! You can be the guy. You can get your dream job by going through the following list and picking the option that best suits you. Add that skill to your degree or SSCE, and your dream job may be yours.


  1. Offshore Topside and Subsea Systems Engineering Overview       N60,000
  2. Flow Assurance Master Class                                                                        N60,000
  3. Oil & Gas Process Modelling and Engineering Training                       N50,000(3 days, and N110,000 for 6 days)
  4. Pipeline and Riser Systems Design                                                              N60,000
  5. Oil & Gas Instrumentation, Control and Automation Training            N50,000(3 days, and N110,000 for 6 days)
  6. Oil & Gas Piping Systems Design                                                  N50,000(3 days, and N110,000 for 6 days)
  7. Tank Farm Operations                                                                   N60,000(3 days)
  8. Safety in Oil & Gas Exploration, Engineering and Production- Safe Use of New Facilities  N150k(5 days)
  9. Project Management- Risk and Cost Control                       N60,000
  10. Potentials in Entrepreneurship and New Business Strategies       N150,000(3 days)
  11. Community Conflict Resolution, Security and Crisis Management


Courses available in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Dubai.

If you’d like to know more, contact Yinka on 08025162602