What is wrong with our girls? Why do they continue falling prey to men with bad plans for them?

It’s saddening how gullible girls of today are. Why on earth will anyone believe promises a man you’ve never met make on social media?

The number of girls that have lost their lives to social-media related deaths underlies how cheap and uncultured some Nigerian girls have become. For crying out loud, why should you meet a man for the first time in a hotel? Of course everyone knows hotels aren’t just for business meetings.

One would think lessons were already learnt with Cynthia Osokogu’s murder and several confessions it brought out from girls who have suffered similar fates but were just lucky to be alive, but it beats me why someone would still fall prey to a facebook lover in this age.

Is it that parents no longer instil discipline on their kids? Why is the moral decadence so profound in our world today?

In case you didn’t know, most of the things guys say to girls on social media are lies. No one wants to be with a girl so cheap you asked to meet her in a hotel after meeting just a few days earlier on twitter and she obliges.

I once met a girl via twitter and the first time we met was at a bus station in Ketu, Lagos State (her choice). She didn’t even spend more than a few minutes with me and I longed to see her again. We’ve been good friends since. Imagine if we had met in a hotel, I wouldn’t have gotten a room just to see her for a few minutes, would I?  If she was going to leave in a jiffy and there was a beast in me, I could have raped her, or done anything to ensure I recoup my money one way or the other… but of course there’s no beast in me, and God forbid that I rape a girl… just saying.

My point here is; a lady should show modesty in every way. Don’t be cheap please. Don’t allow poverty or lack of any form make you stoop so low to just meeting random men and collecting money from them. You don’t have to be in a brothel to be a prostitute, if you sleep with any man because of what he does for you, you are a prostitute.

Never again should we hear that another girl was raped or killed by a social media lover, or whatever you chose to call it. It’s demeaning, girls!

Respect to girls who have made up their minds to be virgins till marriage, I don’t condemn those who aren’t though.

Respect to ladies who never wait on a man to pay their bills.

Please, my sisters, talk to your friends. They have to stop meeting with random men who have no good plans for them. Few men give without expecting something in return.

Join me in saying ‘Never Again Must We Lose Our Girls To Social Media Related Deaths’