Men on Meggings

Men on Meggings

Meggings? If you’d ask me, I’d tell you only muggins wear meggings. Don’t mind the celebs, they can put on whatever, but for us, meggings is a NO. As if men wearing the urban skirt (shirt tied around the waist) and mandals weren’t odd enough, the fashion world is ushering in a new trend: man leggings.


Leggings for women are controversial enough as many fashion critics and bloggers have deemed that they’re nor really “pants.” But now men can jump in on this trend and trade in their Rick Owens hard denim for the comfort of “meggings.” Instead of donning a pair of skinny jeans, some guys can now opt for skintight tights that come in black, stripes and animal prints.


Since the fabric isn’t strong (or manly) enough to have pockets don’t fret as you can place your most prized belongings in a man bag. Fashion critic, Robert Johnson, says meggings aren’t for everybody. Essentially, if you haven’t been shooting in the gym lately nor have a case of man hips please do us all a favour and don’t wear meggings. Please!


GQ, the manliest mens magazine, had one thing to say about this trend: “No.”


As much as some of us don’t want to have anything to do with meggings, watch out for it on the streets. You know why? Celebrities wear it already; Kanye and Bieber are great fans of the meggings.

Kanye style; skirt on meggings

Kanye style; skirt on meggings


‘If Kanye can wear it, why can’t I wear it? Kanye is my idol, and if he wears it, it’s great!’ This is the kind of comments we will start hearing from young people who I believe will soon start donning the meggings.


One Nigerian who won’t have any problems trying meggings out on the red carpet is Channel O’s Denrele. ‘Weirdness’ is imprinted in his DNA, so if meggings looks weird for men, Denrele will definitely wear it soon, that’s if he hasn’t already.


For men’s sakes, I hope the meggings ends before it really begins. I just can’t imagine meeting men dressed like this at parties. Gosh! We need the fashion god to come intervene ASAP.


Would you wear the “meggings”? And ladies, would you go out with a man in “Meggings”?