Is this the prophecy coming true?  Come to think of it, the other prophecies have been coming true, what stops this from also coming true?

I grew up reading the Holy Bible where the mark of the beast was discussed in Revelation 13:16-18, and US President Barack Obama’s Healthcare scheme struck a chord with the inclusion of the RFID chip, and the location proposed for the chips. So, I wrote on RFID Chips, 666, and Obama Health Care Plan on my blog, and the comments that followed showed a lot of people believe the Obama Healthcare plan and the RFID chip involved is the introduction of the mark of the beast<a href=”“>…Read more here</a>

While I argued myself that the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has been in existence since the 1940’s, recent research into the use of microchips referred to as electronic tattoos brought the issue of 666 back to mind.

Although the tattoos are temporary, their structure, positioning, and function may not be far from the issue on ground-it may all be connected to the mark of the beast in a way.

In an article on Txchnologist, it was said that researchers had found out that temporary electronic tattoos could soon help people fly drones with only thought and talk seemingly telepathically without speech over smartphones. The article said, electrical engineer Todd Coleman at the University of California at San Diego was devising noninvasive means of controlling machines via the mind, techniques virtually everyone might be able to use. If the mind is attached to a chip through which machines get controlled, we may be in for a bid disaster. What happens when the mind can control weapons of mass destruction?

But the scientists say brain implants aren’t new; “Commanding machines using the brain is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In recent years, brain implants have enabled people to control robotics using only their minds, raising the prospect that one day patients could overcome disabilities using bionic limbs or mechanical exoskeletons,” the writer stated further.

“But brain implants are invasive technologies, probably of use only to people in medical need of them. Instead, Coleman and his team are developing wireless flexible electronics one can apply on the forehead just like temporary tattoos to read brain activity.”

Quoting the engineer whose mind was set on producing devices less than 100 microns thick, the average diameter of a human hair, consisting circuitry embedded in a layer or rubbery polyester that allow them to stretch, bend and wrinkle, and barely visible when placed on skin, making them easy to conceal from others, he wrote; “We want something we can use in the coffee shop to have fun.”

“We’ve demonstrated our sensors can pick up the electrical signals of muscle movements in the throat so that people can communicate just with thought,” Coleman says.

According to the writer, electronic tattoos placed over the throat could also pick up signals that would help smartphones with speech recognition, he added.

The writer stated further that the devices can detect electrical signals linked with brain waves, and incorporate solar cells for power and antennas that allow them to communicate wirelessly or receive energy. Other elements can be added as well, like thermal sensors to monitor skin temperature and light detectors to analyze blood oxygen levels.

Using the electronic tattoos, Coleman and his colleagues have found they can detect brain signals reflective of mental states, such as recognition of familiar images. One application they are now pursuing is monitoring premature babies to detect the onset of seizures that can lead to epilepsy or brain development problems. The devices are now being commercialized for use as consumer, digital health, medical device, and industrial and defense products by startup MC10 in Cambridge, Mass.

These scientists might have been using the technology for a good cause, and their plans may be noble, but what happens when the technology gets out of hand? Those sci-fi movies may be coming true.

As much as I think progressively and appreciate technological advancement and its importance, I can’t but wonder if this is not an indication of the end. Look at the picture of the electronic tattoo below, its structure and location, and think about 666, the mark of the beast. Does anything come to mind?
electronic tattoo

the electronic tattoo on forehead...still visible

the electronic tattoo on forehead…still visible

We may all be wrong about this, and we may be right. But let’s not leave anything to chance.  Everything happening now is an indication that the end spoken about in the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran is near. Do what you have to do not to be domed!