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Let’s talk about a shirt we all love; the polo.

Polo-style knit shirts are comfortable classic standbys.  This shirt can be regarded as one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. I’m sure you’ve noticed how great everyone looks in a polo shirt. More so, it has a certain sophistication that works for most occasions as well as the casual work environment. Pair it with jeans, wear it to work with khakis (chinos) and a blazer, or with shorts at the beach…you know how so cool you look in these. Wear it to a casual dinner and you’re still on point, but I don’t need to tell you not to wear it to a wedding, do I?

The polo shirt is just any short-sleeve shirt in a style that was originally used for playing polo. It’s design was however perfected by Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. The Ralph Lauren brand may be called Polo, but it doesn’t mean it’s not polo if it’s not Ralph Lauren or if it doesn’t have chest logo or a logo anywhere like Ralph Lauren. You therefore don’t have to be all so crazy about Ralph Lauren-it’s a great brand, an expensive one in fact, but you can still look great spending less. Who care if you’re sporting the Polo pony, the Lacoste crocodile, or Le Tigre if the shirt fits and looks good?


Please, don’t confuse a polo shirt with a golf shirt; they are not the same. They golf shirt looks like a polo shirt, and they are similarly constructed, but there’s a slight difference. The polo shirt is meant to be a little more tailored and sophisticated. A golf shirt like you know is meant for playing golf. It has a specific function and fit, one of which is roominess in the shoulders and waist to allow for lots of twisting in the torso. The sleeve goes as far as the elbow. In plain language, golf shirts are usually oversized; they don’t give you the classic fit a polo shirt would give.


For those of you friends, who have to wear oversized company polo shirts round the week as your work requires, I feel your pains. You’d be doing yourself a lot of good buying those nice polo shirts and wearing them during weekends, at least people will know you are not fashion-blind like your boss. Did I just say that? Didn’t mean to be rude to your boss, friend. *winks*