Happily Never After By Leke Obasan

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Do I have to wound my mortal soul

For the love that I thought I knew,

Appears there is always a layer to be unraveled

When one thinks a heart has been totally won over,

Trusts and smiles built over the decades,

Bashed due to actions and inaction,

Capabilities of external bodies is a weakness of the subjects involved,

How deeply can one hurt over trivial things?

As termed by people viewing the scenario,

But so mountainous to the ones involved,

When very tall mountains literally appears

And can not be scaled,

Many things ride on passion and emotion,

I believe love does too,

What would I rather invest my energy

on work?

Or love?

Leke Obasan (@lakaysax)

Nigeria At 53: Still The Ministry of Misery

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Goodluck_Jonathan pompous

I’ve been like a castle in the air,
Heavily laden with despair
While you live in vanity fair;
You’ve been walking on air,
While for me everything is a flying mare.

Why is your ministry misery?
Everything I give is green,
Yet it all ends up gloomy
Why are you so mean?
Will I ever hear the sounds of victory?

Put me out of misery!
Save me from despair
Make me free from despondency
Shield me from the fowler’s snare
All I’ve lost is not beyond repair

I’m six seasons past gold
But I’m still left in the cold
Sadly you are all of a mould
Do your part to make me grow
Now you have a chance, you know
That’s the birthday gift I want from you.