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Africa- Brokers key in commercial insurance space

Brokers provide critical partner for African commercial insurers

CAPE-TOWN, South-Africa, August 17, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ With tough market conditions providing so little opportunity for growth, commercial insurers are starting to focus on brokers at the more profitable end of the market, either through niche products, or by working with regional community brokers who typically know their clients better, resulting in stickier, more profitable business.


Photo: (Clinton Brown, SSP Business Development Manager)

“Commercial insurance can be highly complex because it needs to be more specific and tailored to the individual needs of businesses,” says Clinton Brown, Business Development Manager at SSP ( “As a result, brokers are far more crucial partners for insurers in the commercial space than the personal one,” explains Brown, referring to a recent SSP white paper, “Where next on the distribution journey?”. (

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