Saw this from 2011. I wrote it during a boring class at the University of Ilorin.


i saw RED scarves flying in the sky,
RED tattoos on everybody i saw,
RED shirts on every lil and big,
RED smiles on everyone in RED.

fire-works began in a row,
and the sky soon became red
even the floor was RED everywhere,
but i was the odd one out in blue.

i felt isolated and desolate
until a man in his sixties came to me,
glasses on his face,
his teeth working on bubble gums.

he came to me and smiled
whao! his teeth were RED with glitters
he offered me a handshake which i quickly
hmmm… my blue turned RED.

i joined in the song as i turned RED
a man lifted a cup together with his friends
in white shorts and RED shirts
we waved our flags as they do,
and we all sang;

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