2013 is winding down, in fact it ends in hours. The year is usually as good as over once we celebrate Christmas – the remaining days go away very fast and so also many dreams.

People lose out in life most often than not because they give up too easily. Those strong quotes about winning and winners usually seem to be enough to change the way we think, but they truly never are. Winning needs one thing most people don’t add to their dreams and wishes; it’s action.

If people get rich by just dreaming, I’d be one of the richest young black people in the world today. If people achieve great feats by just dreaming, my name would be on everyone’s lips. But it takes more than dreaming to achieve everything you want.

The new year is just hours away and we are all making resolutions…don’t be in a rush to do this. Sit down and think about why you failed in 2013. Make up your mind on whether you want to succeed in 2014 and how much success you’d love-be true to yourself- then make those resolutions.

There are so many people looking for jobs today, but are not ready to get a job. Are you surprised? Okay, let me break this down. You want a job but you don’t have a CV; how does that work? You go about with smart phones and all you have on your memory cards are a thousand and one songs by those guys who have made it. Why not spare some kilobytes for your CV and copies of your credentials so that you can send it to people who may want to help you without wasting time?

A brother was speaking to colleagues at work sometime ago and they all complained about not getting promoted as at when due. They wanted to leave, but they all had one problem; they were not ready to leave.

The man asked them if they had updated CVs highlighting their qualifications and experience, training and all; none could produce one. In fact, one of them confessed he did not know how to prepare a CV, I’m talking about a bank worker on the level they call ABO. Are you surprised?

Don’t be surprised. There are so many job seekers out there who can’t prepare a CV or write a cover letter or an application letter. I get calls often from people who need to write application letters, and even letters to ask for salary increment … that means such people are working already. You want to ask how they got there in the first place.

So my friend, as you go into 2014, you have to position yourself for the success you hope to achieve. Learn everything you need to be eligible for all you want.

One last word; you can’t keep talking about wanting things, you have to go get them. Remember what we discussed about action? Action is very important. You can dream all you want, if you don’t act, you may never achieve those dreams. It’s just like having a beautiful car that runs on fuel without fuelling it; it won’t take you anywhere.

Start that business in 2014. Leave that job and get another (you may want to get another before leaving o! wisdom). Register that company in 2014. Marry that girl in 2014. Buy that land in 2014. Apply for that job in 2014. Apply to that school in 2014 (stop dreaming of studying abroad without applying…look for the application fees and apply). Bury that bad habit in 2014.

You sure can’t leave out the place of prayer; prayer works.

I wish you the best in the new year.