my life


My name is Niyi. I was born 26 years ago into the family of Aderibigbe, a middle class family living in Oyo town. Welcomed by four older siblings, my parents were happy I had a lot of shoulders to lean on.

I was very brilliant and aced all my classes until my fourth year in primary school when Lanre Ogunronbi had to contest for my top spot. He got it twice, but I was determined the third term to win back my place, and that I did. Lanre was good with numbers, and I was good with grammar. So, he scored highest in Mathematics throughout primary school, and I was the best in English Language. I didn’t lose this even in secondary school as I ended up as the best student in English Language.

All through these years, I wasn’t quite sure which path I should follow, as I was good at almost everything, but my brilliance made my parents encourage me to study Medicine. After four failed attempts, I settled for Zoology which was the best University of Ilorin could offer me at the time. I knew I was doing the wrong thing, but I didn’t have the guts to opt out and follow my dreams.

Graduating with a Third Class Honours opened my eyes, and I was suddenly ready to follow my dreams and take full responsibility for whatever happened next. Nothing short of extraordinary has happened ever since. I’m happy, I’m fulfilled, and I earn a respectable income because I followed my dream. A lot of people still find it hard to see the sense in what makes me happy in what I do, but who cares? I am a writer! I’m proud to call that a profession anywhere and I earn a living from it.